Lynway Special Brew

Født. 2.11.1985


( Cloverbank Scimiter at Lynway x Ch Emryks April Affair at Lynway)

Lynway Striker at Briwen2.11.1985

Dark sable collie

Lynway Stuck On You of Sunnyhurst2.11.1985Lynway Stuck On You of Sunnyhurst

Samme far
( Cloverbank Scimiter at Lynway)

Lynway Sorry I'M a Lady3.4.1985Lynway Sorry I'M a Lady
Lynway Strawberry Fair at Willowgarth3.4.1985

Dark sable collie

Lynway Sucha Smile of Roanburn3.4.1985
Lynway Suki Yaki3.4.1985
Ronburn Such a Smile at Lynway3.4.1985
Lynway Spinning Jenny3.4.1985

Dark sable collie

Lynway Sukiyaki
Lynway Top That at Clorewood21.9.1985Lynway Top That at Clorewood
Gemastra Heaven Sent of Lynway11.5.1986Gemastra Heaven Sent of Lynway
Camanna Carbon Copy at Donation29.12.1985
Short Story at Lynway12.11.1987
Meranne Simply Crackers4.11.1985
Ch Lynway Snoopy28.5.1984Lynway Snoopy
Lynway Starshine28.5.1984
Ch Sweet Nothins of Lynway31.12.1984

Tricolour collie

Lynway Soft 'N Shaded at Rostina31.12.1984

Dark sable collie

Shortning Bread of Lynway22.12.1988

Dark sable collie

Samme mor
(Ch Emryks April Affair at Lynway)

Lynway Sweeter Than Wine2.4.1987

Dark sable collie